Looking for android games with controller support ? i guess you are in the right place,

This article contains list of some android games with controller support and not just with android support but  interesting including both free and paid/premium games.

android games with controller support

Normally android games are meant to be played with just the touchscreen, but there are some more interesting games that are meant to be played with controller support or bluetooth controller and i know you are searching for those games, that is why we took time to list some of them.

Below are 10 recommended games that are interesting, with their download links attached to each of  them.

Android games with controller support 

1.Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a retro style racing game. It features almost 100 tracks along with a variety of cars. You also get Google Play Games cloud saving, car upgrades, at least ten different events, and some of the most outstanding controller support we’ve ever seen. You can use this with Android TV, Nvidia Shield devices, MFi game pads, OUYA, and many others. Even the soundtrack is decent. You can get the full game for a scant $2.99. This along with Riptide GP Renegade represent the two best racing games with game pad support.

Price: Free/$2.99 Download on Google Play


Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there. It drops you into randomly generated worlds with plenty of stuff to do. You can build, you can mine, you can farm, and there is even a final boss to kill. Updates in 2017 aligned the game with its console and PC counterparts. That means you can start a world in one game and then play it on another system entirely. This is one of the few games with that level of cross-play support. It’s $6.99 for the game. The in-app purchases are optional aesthetic things like character skins.

Price:$6.99 with in-app purchases Download on Google Play Store 


Oddmar is a newer platformer from the developers of Leo’s Fortune. It’s a side-scrolling platformer with a narrative story, pleasing graphics, and simple mechanics. You play as a disgraced viking looking to get his honor back. The game boasts 24 levels, various power items, and offline support after the initial download. There are also Google Play Games cloud saves and achievements. The game has a free demo mode and a $4.99 price tag for the rest of the game. Of course, it supports controllers as well. Leo’s Fortune is an older game, but it also has controller support as well. If you don’t mind trying out an older game, it may be worth your time as well.

Price: Free / $4.99 Download on Google Play store

4.Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Years after its initial release, Modern Combat 5 Blackout remains one of the best first-person shooters available for Android. With dazzling graphics and options to play through the solo campaign or take it online, you can get an edge on your competition with a proper controller in your hand.If the name doesn’t already give it away, this is very similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so if you’re a fan of that series and looking for a fun option to play on the go, you’ll definitely want to give this a look if you haven’t yet.

Price: Free Download on Google Play Store


Unkilled is another very polished first-person shooter that fully supports Bluetooth controllers and offers over 150 missions in the single player campaign, along with multiple online multiplayer modes to choose from. As you play online, you’re able to choose a preferred character class, and then upgrade your skills and weapon load-outs.And again, using the Bluetooth controller should give you a distinct advantage against the AI zombies as well as your online opponents. Simply sync your controller with your phone and it’ll automatically work when you load up Unkilled.

Price: Free Download Google Play Store

6.SEGA Forever Games

SEGA recently started doing something called SEGA Forever. It’s essentially porting many of its classic titles to mobile. Some of the games include Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II. There are more than a dozen others and the collection is growing at a healthy pace. Most of the games include solid controller support. They’re relatively new. Thus, they do have some issues. However, each game is free to download with ads. You can pay $1.99 as an in-app purchase to remove ads.

Price:Free / $1.99 Download on Google Play Store

7.GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas represents the pinnacle of Rockstar’s fantastic series on the PlayStation 2. Set in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles and the surrounding area, it was an absolute masterpiece when it was released back in 2004.Ten years later, Rockstar released San Andreas onto the Google Play Store, and it’s one of the better games to play with a Bluetooth controller. You’re able to go in and tweak the graphics to improve the look or flow of the game as needed for your device, and the game plays pretty well outside of the occasional glitch. Relive all the adventures of CJ and your Grove Street Family as you cause havoc on the streets of San Andreas.

Price: $6.99 Download on Google Play Store

8.Stickman Skate Battle

Stickman Skate Battle is another decent sports game with controller support. This one is more of an arcade game compared to the more complete experience of Skateboard Party 3. You go head to head in various game modes to score the most points or do the best tricks. Additionally, it has a practice mode, daily and weekly tournaments, and it works in offline mode. Plus, it has Android TV and Nvidia Shield support as well. It’s a good, family friendly arcade skateboard game. It is a freemium game, though, but it’s not the worst freemium experience we’ve had.

Price: Free Download on Google Play Store


Gaming is always more fun with friends, and BombSquad is an action-packed collection of mini games with multiple ways to join the game. With fun and cartoony graphics, you’ll be able to choose from eight different game modes.

Bluetooth controllers are supported, or you can get your friends to download the BombSquad Remote app and use their phones to control their character. This game is available for most Android devices, including Android TV, which means you and your friends won’t need to crowd around a tablet or — even worse — smartphone to play.

Price: Free  Download on Google Play Store

10.Evoloand 2

Evoland is one of the most unique game franchises on mobile. It doesn’t use any one particular style or genre. Evoland 2, the latest game in the series, employs platformer, fighter, top-down shooter, trading card, and RPG mechanics. The game also changes its graphics up quite a bit to match the style of game play. That makes it one of the most unique experiences on mobile. The developers boast support for most types of Bluetooth controllers as well as Nvidia Shield support. The first Evoland is also quite good and supports hardware controllers as well.

Price: $7.99 Download on Google Play Store



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