Almost 90% of youths between 18-25, spend 80% of their time online, so imagine being online and surfing the web and earn as well, isn’t that cool? Cryptotab Browser For PC  got your back.

If you haven’t heard about Cryptotab Browser, then this article is for you, do you know you can mine bitcoin with this browser by just using it to surf the web as you normally used to, no much task, invite your friends to join when they browse they also mine bitcoin for you.

At the end of this article, I’ll be providing the download link for Cryptotab Browser For PC and i’ll be showing you how to mine and earn free bitcoins with this browser.


Cryptotab Browser

Cryptotab Browser is a simple to-utilize, quick and safe internet browser gladly made by energetic blockchain fans. It consolidates smooth and agreeable client involvement with some special digital money related highlights.Cryptotab Browser presents to you a well-known and easy to use interface, strong security and amazing arrangement of features.


Why Should You Use Cryptotab Browser

CryptoTab Browser is exceptional programming grown explicitly for mining Bitcoins. It has a worked in mining calculation enabling you to just peruse the web and acquire Bitcoins directly in your record. In addition, as a CryptoTab Browser client, you can take an interest in our referral program, where you can welcome companions, advance CryptoTab Browser through online life and get extra profit.


Cryptotab Browser Features

  1. Incognito mode for more private & secure browsing
  2. “Do Not Track” feature prevents sites from tracking you
  3. Safe browsing mode protects you from phishing and malware
  4. Tab gestures control multiple tabs with just a point of your finger
  5. Simplified view focus on the main things, forget about the rest
  6. Pop-up blocking if you hate pop-ups as we do
  7. Add bookmarks
  8. Check history
  9. keep favourites list
  10. Open multiple tabs at once 
  11. Most importantly Mine bitcoin while using the browser to surf the web as usual.


How To Download Cryptotab Browser For PC

Step 1: First of all download the Cryptotab browser for pc with the link below

Download Crypto browser For PC Here

Step 2: After you have downloaded and installed the browser to your pc is now time for you to register and start earning, click on next and choose cryptotab as your default browser.

Cryptotab Browser For PC

Step 3: You’re good to go now, click on next

Cryptotab Browser For PC

Step 4: Click on sign in

Cryptotab Browser For PC

Step 5: Type in your e-mail

Cryptotab Browser For PC

Step 6: Type in your correct email password

Cryptotab Browser For PC

This is how your Dashboard will look like

cryptotab browser for pc

That’s it you’re good to go

  1. After entering your email and password, you’ll have to confirm the email to make sure it’s you,]
  2. After confirming your email you’re done 
  3. Make sure you set it as your default browser for you to earn more, the more you stay online the more bitcoin you earn
  4. Also, try and refer people with your referral link to download the browser, the more they use the browser you also will earn.

Make sure you invite your friends and don’t forget to click on the get started link below to start earning and mining bitcoin for free.

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