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Game Killer is a totally free android app which is designed to modify game coins, gems and lives by using a special technique called memory modifying. It works by inserting a special code from the background while the user is playing the game and that allows the user to make any required change into the application.

Game Killer App helps user change values in any game. It looks in the codes for your current position in the game and provides clear options to change the values. The changed value gets applied automatically in the game after you press the Done button in Game Killer. It works live and you will also require to change values live (While playing the game). You can minimize the game and start the Game Killer App on your Phone to hack.

Let’s quickly check out some features of the Game Killer Apk Download No Root.

Game Killer Apk Download No Root Features

  • Name: Game Killer
  • Size: 500 KB
  • Version: 4.10
  • The application is regularly updated with more better versions.
  • This can be used on paid games also.
  • Game killer works well on latest android version.
  • The user is able to change the number of coins and money at any required time.
  • Game speed also can be controlled.
  • Extension: [.apk]
  • Developer: GameKiller Team
  • Type: Tool
  • Android Required: 4.1 and Above

Game Killer Apk Download No Root

Step 1:First and foremost, you’ll have to download the apk file of Game Killer. The apk file of this hacking tool can be downloaded from below download button.

Download Apk Here

After downloading the apk file on your smartphone, you’ll find that it is not being installed. Why? It is because your phone’s settings have prevented the installation from unknown sources. To install the app, you’ll have to change the settings of your phone and after that, you can install it.

You can also download the apk file in PC or laptop and later on transfer the file to your phone for installation.

Step 2: In this step, you’ll have to allow the installation from unknown sources. For this, you have to open the settings from the menu. After that, you’ll have to go to the option of “Lock screen and security“. Now scroll down to the option saying ‘ Unknown sources’. Swipe right to enable the installation and after that, you can easily install the downloaded application.

Game Killer Apk Download No Root

Step 3: After altering your phone’s installation settings, you’ll have look for the apk file either on file manager or on the download list. If you don’t have any file manager app on your smartphone, then you can download any third party manager like ES File Explorer. From File Manager, go to the Downloads folder and look for ‘Game killer’ file

Game Killer Apk Download No Root

Step 4: Once you have found the apk file, open it and click on ‘Install’. You’ll see the installation being processed. The installation process takes time so you’ll have to wait for few seconds.

Game Killer Apk Download No Root

After few seconds you’ll see a message saying ‘Installed’. After that, you can enjoy unlimited game resources and enjoy playing your favorite game without any interruptions.

How To Use Game Killer Apk Download No Root

Once you have installed the application, the next question that arises is that how it can be used to hack the apps? Here is a guide to help you out with that too.

  • Open the app and just minimize it.
  • Now, open the game you want to hack and play it for some time then pause it and check the value of score, coins or anything you want to change.
  • Now, go to the Game Killer app.
  • Enter the value of your score or coins at that instant in the search box in Game killer app window (type: AUTO IDENTIFY)
  • You’ll find a list of memory locations that have the same value.
  • Next, play the game again to change the value of coin/gem and now look for memory locations.
  • You’ll have play it until you find only one memory location with that value in the app.
  • Once you have found only one memory location, choose it and set the number to the amount you want to have and submit it.
  • After that, you’ll find that the value has changed in your game.

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