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Curious about horizon zero dawn power cell code locations and how to unlock the ancient armor or Aloy’s secret Shield Weaver armor, i guess this is the right article for you.So keep reading,

The Shield Weaver is one of the rarest defensive layer sets you can get in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is procured as a component of the Ancient Armory mission, which includes finding power cells around the globe and coming back to the fortification of the old ones to open up a bolted entryway.

This is no simple accomplishment, yet the reward is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. The Shield Weaver covering structures a defensive hindrance around its wearer, which absorbs harm from robot assaults like nothing by any means. This implies you’ll have a more prominent shot of getting by against any semblance of Snowmass, rock breakers, and stormbirds, if you give the protective layer time to energize in the middle of hits.

We’ve point by point all the Horizon Zero Dawn power code cell areas underneath, should you need to go looking for the protection for yourself, just as data on the best way to trigger the journey in any case. Adhere to our guidelines and you excessively will have the option to chuckle even with death.

The Shield Weaver is one of the rarest armor sets you can get in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is acquired as part of the Ancient Armory quest, which involves tracking down power cells around the world and returning to the bunker of the old ones to open up a locked door.

Finding Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Code Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Code

Activating the power cell quest is simple. In the Embrace (the eastern side of the world guide and the territory Aloy begins in) you’ll discover a ruin south-west of Devil’s Thirst. You’ll realize you’re close to when you see corroded arches by a huge shake arrangement. Move up to the highest point of the stones and drop down into a little underground lake, at that point tail it until you go to a tear in the rockface which’ll lead into the old, innovative shelter.

You’ll have the option to see the Shield-Weaver armour as soon as you step in. Essentially go around to one side to see the way that the entryway into the room where the reinforcement is kept is fixed by five locks – three of them utilitarian, two of them not. Aloy will rapidly find that you need something to get them ready for action. Namely, power cells.

Presently the Ancient Armory quest will trigger, and you’ll see that you need two power cells to open the dugout entryway. After that arrangement of entryways opens you’ll require another three to open the secures holding the protective layer. Yes, that implies you need to locate an excellent all out of five control cells. Sadly the guide doesn’t demonstrate to you the areas where they’re stowing away. In any case, don’t stress, since I’ve done all the diligent work of discovering them for you (the pleasure is all mine).

Horizon: Zero Dawn power cell locations – keep those eyes peeled!

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Code

Power cell location 1: Ancient ruins

Toward the start of Horizon: Zero Dawn a youthful Aloy will fall into an old, deserted innovative office underground. Obviously she advances out of it without an issue, yet when you start playing the adult Aloy you’ll need to head back there asap. After you clear your path through the arrangement of dugout entryways you needed to work out how to open as a kid, there’s an entryway straight in front of you obstructed by stalactites.

Crush them with your lance to open up a route into the room, and you’ll see the power cell right before you. It’ll have a green precious stone floating above it. Lift it up and you’re ⅕ of the best approach to getting the defensive layer!

Power cell location 2: All-Mother Mountain 

The subsequent one is on the whole Mother mountain, which you’ll wind up in after The Proving questline. When you’ve discovered the majority of your things in the huge room, don’t pursue Teersa to one side. Rather go straight forward towards the bolted dugout entryway, which will have a splendid red shining 3D image on it. Go to one side, look down and you’ll see a passage. Slither through it as far as possible and the next power cell will be sitting tight for you there.

Power cell location 3: Maker’s End

Aficionados of Horizon’s liquid climbing will love where the third power cell is: directly at the highest point of the Faro high rise. Aloy voyages there as a major aspect of the ‘Producer’s End’ mission which will take you to – truly, you got it – the Maker’s End ruins. Scale up to the exceptionally top of the pinnacle, to Faro’s office. When you’re outside pivot and climb up to the stage at the base of the huge swagger extending upwards, which finishes in the tip of the high rise.

There are handholds subtly put up the divider which you’ll need to pull yourself up – just tail them right to the top, where the green power cell will be pausing.

Power cell location 4: Grave-Hoard

The fourth power cell is covering up at the Grave-Hoard, which you’ll be sent to as a feature of (shock) the ‘Grave-Hoard’ principle storyline journey. When you’ve understood the three lock riddles to get the old shelter entryways open, experience the entryways and proceed with straight ahead, opening another arrangement of fortification entryways on the left of the passageway. The fundamental ‘Grave-Hoard’ journey will have you run straight past it, so you should simply look down and the power cell will be at your feet, adjacent to a stock container and a few mushrooms.

Power cell location 5: GAIA Prime 

In conclusion, you’ll must have ‘The Mountain That Fell’ journey. Advance toward GAIA Prime, and once you’ve seen the 3D image delineating Faro conversing with the alpha researchers in the meeting room, advance down the stairs. Do not advance down the zipwire. Instead go to the edge to one side of it, outside of the demolished metal structure and to one side of the bended metal swaggers, and cautiously move towards the edge of the bluff.

An alternative will spring up to ‘drop down to edge’, uncovering a mystery way down to a covered up on display territory. Move towards the left and Aloy will discover the way downwards. When you get to an edge, drop down and advance toward the right, hopping up to a higher stage with some restorative mushrooms on it. Make you route inside the purple-lit room and voila. To your privilege there’ll be the power cell on a rack.

Now you’re ready to claim the Shield-Weaver armour!

Solving the Shield-Weaver Armor Door Puzzle

horizon zero dawn power cell code

When you’ve advanced back to the remains, advance around to one side and space two power cells into the messed up multi dimensional image openings. The multi dimensional images will bounce into life, however you’ll need to swivel them into a particular situation to make the entryways open. A showcase on the correct will show five 24-hour time codes: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 0000.

In the event that you envision each lock is a clockface, it doesn’t take an excess of contemplating to work out that you’ll need to coordinate the situation of the holographic locks to these occasions. From ideal to left move the red segment to these positions: top, right, base, left, and top.

Unlocking the Shield-Weaver Armor Clamps

horizon zero dawn power cell code

Presently you can see the modern (or, all the more precisely, old) defensive layer very close, however you can’t exactly get your gloves on it yet. Clear your path through the entryways on the left of the space to discover five increasingly holographic locks. When you’ve packed the staying three power cells into each hole, another code will spring up on the left. This time it has the accompanying numbers shown: 90, 270, 360, 450, and 630.

Seeing as these are codes meaning edges, you’ll need to turn the red areas (from left to appropriate) to the accompanying positions: right, left, top, right, and left. Blast! Presently the braces are open and you can finish the mission, getting a Shield-Weaver treasure box as a reward. Inside is the best defensive layer in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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