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Reading this article, I guess you should be looking for Huawei Assistant Apk Right? Luckily for you, you’re in the right place.

I recently wrote about Cotomovies Apk

While, today in this article I’ll be writing about Huawei Assistant Apk, which I know brought you to this page, and at the end of this post I’ll be providing the download link for Huawei Assistant Apk, which I must tell you is safe and working.

Huawei Assistant Apk

Huawei is still struggling to deal with the US-China trade war. Fortunately, this is not surprising in numbers, but nevertheless, the company is still trying to break away from the big US companies in terms of software. Huawei’s own operating system is mostly talked about in this context, but of course, there is more behind it.

Smart Care

Maps are collected in this area, both from Huawei and its partners. Examples include calendar, weather, missed calls, phone usage and data usage. Of course, additional cards will be added in the future.

News Feed

As a fourth point, Huawei calls the newsfeed and points out that they have teamed up with “leading news agencies and providers” to bring appropriate content to your smartphone. In doing so, the set language and the selected region are taken into account in order to take into account the content in the native language of the smartphone owner.

Huawei Assistant Apk

These four points make me sound like I’ve made a pretty accurate Google Assistant copy here. This does not surprise, after all, one would like to offer a real alternative to it.

 However, the first testers already report that all of this still takes place at a very early stage and is therefore riddled with many mistakes. So do not be surprised if you install the APK file and the Huawei Assistant is anything but round.

Global Search

Under “Global Search” there is an all-in-one search. Using the search bar, you can both search the Internet and content on your smartphone, such as the locally installed apps, calendar entries, notes, emails, etc.

Instant access

Here you get quick access to the apps that you often need. Either the favourite apps are automatically set, or you make your own choice.

Download Huawei Assistant Apk

Click on the link below to download the Huawei Assistant Apk

Download APK Here

How To Install Huawei Assistant Apk

Follow the steps below to successfully install Huawei Assistant Apk

  • Step 1:First Click on the download link above.
  • Step 2:Once you click n it, the download will begin immediately
  • Step 3:After download is complete, open the file and install, 
  • Step 4:After that Launch the apk and start enjoying the apk
  • Step 5:That’s it, You have successfully installed the Huawei Assistant Apk

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