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Magma Indonesia Apk

MAGMA Indonesia is an application that presents information and recommendations in real-time quasi about geological disasters in Indonesia including Volcanoes, Land Movements, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis.

This application was developed independently by the PNS Developer Team at the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation, Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

MAGMA Indonesia was built to serve the people of Indonesia and also the international community. MAGMA Indonesia is a new breakthrough developed by Indonesia in the context of geological disaster mitigation efforts.

Magma Indonesia Apk


1. Volcanic Activity Report (VAR) Activity Information. This information is an early warning system for volcanoes which is processed from routine reporting data of Volcano Observers and Indonesian Volcano Mitigation Staff into information in the form of location maps, baseline data, visual and instrumental observation data, activity level status, recommendations for the community and visitors who are active in the vicinity. volcanoes, names of report compilers and data sources.
2. Volcanic Ash Eruption Information for Aviation (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation / VONA). This information is an early warning system for volcanoes for flight safety (national / international) that passes through the territory of Indonesia containing information on the location and timing of volcanic ash eruptions, color codes (warning levels), eruption column height, direction of spreading of volcanic ash, name of constituent reports and data sources.
3. Status information on overall volcanic activity levels.
4. Earthquake / Tsunami (Response On EarthQuake / ROQ) Information and Response that presents basic information such as location and time map, magnitude, depth, symbol of earthquake mechanism around the location of the earthquake, the name of the volcano closest to the epicenter and data source. Other information that can be available (but not always) is in the form of earthquake intensity (MMI) and responses that contain descriptions, regional conditions, mechanisms, impacts, recommendations and names of report compilers.

Magma Indonesia Apk

Download Magma Indonesia Apk

Download APK Here

How To Install Magma Indonesia Apk

To install the Apk, Kindly follow the steps below

  • Step 1:First of all Click on the dark download link above.
  • Step 2:Once you click on it, the download will begin.
  • Step 3:After the file is successfully downloaded
  • Step 4: Open the downloaded folder and run the installation
  • Step 5:After that Launch the apk and start enjoying your new apk
  • Step 6: You’re good to go, You have successfully installed Magma Indonesia Apk




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