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Looking for Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats for Ps4,PC,Xbox then you are in the right article.

To find some of the easiest cheats, head to the nearest newspaper seller and buy a newspaper. Flip it over and look for the saying at the bottom of the page. Now go to the Settings menu and press triangle or Y to enter the cheat.

Newspapers aren’t the only source of cheats, so you’ll need to examine other items dotted around the game. That “flip” button for turning photographs, maps and other documents over is essential.

All Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats – Newspapers

Infinite Ammo
Enter: Abundance is the dullest desire.
This fills your boots with endless ammo for all your weapons.

Heavy weapons
Enter: Greed is American virtue
This grants access to a loadout of heavy weapons for you to cause chaos.

Simple weapons
Enter: A simple life, a beautiful death
This unlocks a bunch of average weapons to use.

Stealth weapons
Enter: Death is silence
Yep, this unlocks stealth weapons; throwing knives, machete, tomahawk and bow.

Set Dead-Eye to Level 3
Enter: I shall be better
This will up your Dead-Eye to level 3.

Set Dead-Eye to level 5
Enter: I seek and I find
This maxes out the Dead-Eye meter.

Infinite Dead-Eye
Enter: Be greedy only for foresight
Dead-Eye forever and without penalties. Woo!

Increase Honor
Enter: Virtue unearned is not virtue
This maximises your Honor so everyone thinks you’re lovely.

Neutralize Honor
Enter: Balance. All is balance
This will reset your Honor to neutral.

Infinite Stamina
Enter: The lucky be strong evermore
This cheat grants infinite stamina for you and your horse.

Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars
Enter: You seek more than the world offers
This cheat refill and fortifies all of your bars.

Learn all crafting recipes
Enter: Eat of knowledge
You’ll instantly know all crafting recipes. You’ll still need to own the ingredients and have to set up camp to craft.

Unlock all outfits
Enter: Vanity. All is vanity
This unlocks all the outfits so you can play dress-up.

Increase Wanted level
Enter: You want punishment
The law will come hunting for you when you max out your Wanted level.

Decrease Wanted level
Enter: You want freedom
Escape the law with this cheat.

Fog of War
Enter: You long for sight but see nothing
This reveals the whole map to the player.

Always Drunk
Enter: A fool on command
This makes you permanently drunk until you turn it off.

Create War Horse
Enter: You are a beast built for war
This cheat creates a warhorse for you to use.

Create Wagon
Enter: Keep your dreams simple
This will magically spawn up a wagon to use.

Create circus wagon
Enter: Would you be happier as a clown?
Roll into town with the circus wagon in tow.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats – Open World

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

Fill Health, Stamina, Dead-Eye to Max
Enter: You flourish before you die
You’ll find this etched into a drawer in the Snowfield Shack and it grants you. It completely fills your health, stamina, and dead eye meters.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

Create Race Horse
Enter: Run! Run! Run!
You’ll find this on a chalkboard in Fort Rigs. It spawns a fast racehorse for you to ride.

Create Random Horse
Enter: You want something new
Create a horse with random stats.

Create Superior Horse
Enter: You want more than you have
Spawn a better horse than you are currently riding.

Increased Horse Bonding
Enter: My kingdom is a horse
Max out the horse bonding level with your current horse.

Increased whistle range for horse 
Enter: Better than my dog
This cheat increases the whistle range for your horse substantially.

Purchase all camp upgrades
Enter: Share
Unlock all the camp upgrades with this cheat.

Set Dead Eye Level 2
Enter: Make me better
Set your Dead Eye to level two.

Infinite Dead Eye
Enter: Be greedy only for foresight
You’re Dead Eye meter will stay full

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