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Here in this article you’ll be finding Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheats Xbox 360, costumes, unlockables and every single cheat you need while playing this game.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheats Xbox 360

Save with Cheats

The non-costume cheats disable saving. You can bypass this by entering codes on a level with an automatic save point. Reach the save point, then die and exit to the main menu. Choose continue on the main menu and you’ll return to the game with cheats activated.

Costumes & Chaos

The following codes unlock costumes not normally earned through stage progression. You can save your game after entering these codes to save the result (holocron costumes only). These codes are for  Xbox 360. Also note that should you save the game after you add a costume normally acquired by holocron, that holocron will not appear (even if you haven’t acquired it, hence wrecking your score).

  • MANDALORE – Master Kota Costume (cannot be saved)
  • HARDBOILED – Blind Kota Costume (cannot be saved)
  • PROTOTYPE – Proxy Costume (cannot be saved)
  • FERRAL – Scout Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
  • TK421GREEN – Kashyyyk Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
  • TK421WHITE – Storm Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
  • TK421BLUE – Storm Trooper Commander Costume (cannot be saved)
  • VICEROY – Bail Organa Costume (cannot be saved)
  • WOOKIEE – Master Kento Costume (unlocked by holocron)
  • HOLOCRON – Jedi Adventurer Costume (unlocked by stage progress)
  • DANTOOINE – Ceremonial Jedi Costume (unlocked by Jedi ending)
  • KORRIBAN – Sith Stalker Costume (unlocked by Sith ending)
The following codes disable your save (until you reset your system) since they alter the reality of your game (cheating). These codes are for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game only and do not work for the PSP, Wii, or PS2 versions of the game.
  • MARAJADE – Unlocks Force Combos
  • LIGHTSABER – Extra Damage effect always on
  • KATARN – All Force Powers at maximum potency
  • DATHOMIR – Force Repel at maximum potency
  • EXARKUN – Force Push at maximum potency
  • ADEGAN – Force Saber Throw at maximum potency
  • MOLDYCROW – All Force combos available
  • JOCASTA – All Force talents maximized
  • VENTRESS – Aerial Ambush move available
  • EETHKOTH – Aerial Assault move available
  • YADDLE – Aerial Blast move available
  • MASSASSI – Lightning Bomb move available
  • RAGNOS – Lightning Grenade move available
  • PLOKOON – Saber Slam move available
  • KITFISTO – Saber Sling move available
  • LUMIYA – Sith Saber Flurry move available
  • DARAGON – Sith Slash move available
  • SAZEN – Sith Throw move available
  • FREEDON – Aerial combo move available
  • BRUTALSTAB – Lightsaber stab move available
  • OSSUS – All databank entries unlocked
  • MINDTRICK – Levels in mirrored layout
  • HURRIKANE – All lightsaber crystals unlocked

Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheats Xbox 360

Sith Lord Difficulty

If you thought Sith Master difficulty was a breeze, complete the game once (any ending will do) and unlock the Sith Lord difficulty. Let’s see if you’re still smiling after that!

Infinite Force Talent Spheres Exploit

This was tested on an un-patched, initially released version of the game. You can do this probably with other bonus objectives that do not have a counter. In Imperial held Raxus Prime, you have a bonus objective to destroy a tractor beam tower. Since it occurs after a checkpoint, you can destroy the tractor tower over and over again (just jump off and die after destroying the tractor tower) to earn the ever valuable Force Talent (yellow) rank spheres to increase your vitality, offence and defence.

Dying Pays Off

When attempting to accumulate the Force Points quota for a particular stage, you can simply perish after reaching a checkpoint (and before you defeat a large group of enemies). Each time you respawn from the checkpoint, your Force Point total will be kept (until you quit the game).

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